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When it comes to travel blogging, you'd be lying if you said it isn't your dream job. Travelling the world, creating memories and earning money whilst you do it. Does it get any better? No, it really doesn't. But everyone always asks us the same questions: How do I become a travel blogger? What do I need to do to become a travel blogger? Is it too late to become a travel blogger? Well look no further, we have compiled a list of everyone's favourite FAQ's about becoming a travel blogger. The questions everyone thinks about but never wants to ask; to help guide you and decide whether this is something you want to do with your future. 

This is everyone's first question to ask, but it does not actually take that long. Within our first month, we'd made an Instagram account, YouTube account and started creating content. The more content you create, the more likely you are to increase the engagement with your audience. Creating fun and captivating content is essential when becoming a travel blogger. After creating some interactions, we launched DB adventures website and haven't look back since!

How do I become a Travel Blogger?

Here are the answers you all want to know...

This is different for everyone. We were really lucky and managed to bag our first sponsored trip within 3 months of travel blogging, with a world renowned brand, however we had many set backs initially. If you aim to make money by gaining sponsored trips and stays first, then eventually when you get your brand out there you will make more and more money from travel blogging.

How long will it take to make money as a Travel Blogger?

Be persistent. You will have to send a lot of emails and connect with many people, you will get knock-backs but keep going. Our advice is to create an email template and send it to PR companies, hotels, tourism board and keep sending the email until you get a response. There are plenty of opportunities out there, you just have to be the one willing to jump at the opportunity.

How do I get brand deals as a Travel Blogger?

It's actually quite easy. You don't need any specific qualifications or an awful lot of money, you just need a strong passion for travelling and a willingness to learn and develop. Start with a small website, find a niche, create some content and away you go. The rest is history - as they say. Check out our in-depth guide to becoming a travel blogger here.

How do I become a Travel Blogger?

We all know what a travel blogger is, but what is the actual definition of a travel blogger? A travel blogger is an individual (or two in our case) who creates and maintains a blog or online platform dedicated to sharing experience or advice related to travel. So now you know what it means, are you ready to become a travel blogger?

Define Travel Blogger - What does it mean?

A travel blog should include advice, insights or information related to travelling. Typically, it should include photos, videos and articles of destinations or experiences. A blog should mainly focus on specific niches within the travel industry, sharing expert knowledge to help fellow travellers on whether to visit a destination or not to.

What should a Travel Blog include?

Firstly lets just point out that if you want you can do both, however both do take a massive investment of time and energy. A blog (short for weblog) is an online platform where you will publish written content whereas a vlog (short for video blog) is a type of online content where you will share and create videos. The type of content you produce entirely depends of your audience, the platform you want to use and what you feel most comfortable creating on.

Travel Blog or Travel Vlog?

Yes! Like most things, if you're determined to succeed then you will - you just need to have a positive attitude. Things such as brand sponsorship's, affiliate marketing, content creation and writing articles will help earn you a few extra £'s along the way. Check out our step-by-step guide to earning money as a Travel Blogger.

Can Travel Blogs make money?

Definitely; if you have a passion for exploring other countries and educating yourselves on cultures then this is definitely the job for you. It does take a lot of hard work and time initially, but once you have invested time and money at the beginning, then you will techniques and practices which will definitely make it worth while! We have visited 15+ countries, experienced many cultures and created a million memories thanks to travel blogging.

Is Travel Blogging worth it?

The taboo question. Well to answer this honestly, sometimes but not always. We have had sponsored trips before, but not every single trip we travel on is free. We often get activities, hotels or transport paid for: in return for us to create some content for the company. Whether that would be an article, photo, video or advertisement on our social media. If you are persuasive enough or have a flawless pitch, then you won't struggle travelling on sponsored trips for free!

Do Travel Bloggers travel for free?

Never! It's never too late to become a travel blogger. All you need is a passion for travelling and determination. As long as you have a skill which you believe you're good at, whether it is writing or creating content, go forward with that and become the best travel blogger you can be! 

Is it too late to become a Travel Blogger?

Choose a niche. On DB adventures, we love to write about our own experiences, places we've visited and memories we've made. But on your travel blog you could write about budget holidays, luxury holidays, a particular destination or even food around the world when you're travelling. This is your travel blog remember, write articles which people will find interesting but also things which you enjoy talking about.

What to write on a travel blog?

No, but it helps. Social Media is a massive influence to most things now-a-days. To be a travel blogger, it's great to have social media to boost your interactions and widen your horizons but it's definitely not essential. You could start by creating your blog, using SEO to boost your page on Google and then worry about social media later on down the line.  

Do I need a big social media following to become a Travel Blogger?

This depends on how creative you want to be. Ours is DB adventures, so Dec and Ben adventures. We wanted to include our names in the title of our travel blog. You could also include your niche in the title too if you wanted. Such as Mexico Memories with... or Sail away with...There's plenty of scope when it comes to creating a name for your travel blog. 

What to name a Travel Blog?

A travel blog niche is a topic which you will discuss in your blog. Make it unique, specialize in something which interests you and can interest readers. Niche examples include: food, fashion, destinations, activities, budget, luxury, mode of transport, travel luggage or many more. 

What's a Travel Blog niche?

Anywhere you like, you could travel all around England, you could choose a specific destination such as Dubai or you could travel the whole world via cruise ship. The possibilities are endless when it comes to where you can travel. You can take the saying 'the world is your oyster' quite literally when creating a travel blog.

Where should I travel to become a Travel Blogger?

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